Why we promote this petition?

WE ARE a group of people who are passionate about art and culture and who have Trieste at heart!

WE FIND ourselves in dark days in which we must be brave in our thoughts and proud of our histories, cultures and languages. We must treasure what we have: Palazzo Carciotti is not for sale.

WE THINK that Palazzo Carciotti must not be sold but must remain the property of the City Council and an active patrimony at the service of the community.

WE ACT together for the salvation of the Palazzo (following the fortuitous failure of the auction) with a petition. May the Mayor, being a man of action, take the lead on this honourable project. The future is now.

WE PROPOSE to the Mayor and the Council a rebirth of the Palazzo. That it may be restored to its former glory with an ambitious and happy co-produced project of restoration and innovation – both local and international.

WE HOPE that this may be achieved with a team of cutting-edge designers who will create a permanent site for the production of international culture; an experimental European model of cultural sharing where we can build new communities and their identities, starting from the recognition of the potential of the public good – both tangible and intangible.

WE DREAM of a Palazzo that is a nexus of cultures and open to all. A port, a square, an isolario (a book of islands), an archipelago, a channel of energies where we can nurture ideas and people: both permanent residents and temporary guests.

WE IMAGINE that it may become a scene of action, creativity and collaboration, that its extended Island may become a place to stay or pass through, a place where we can find each other, where we can share and learn, a place that is hospitable, porous, permeable and open, fluid and full of intermingling, relations and excellence. May it be an observatory for new narratives, a laboratory for the present and the future. May it be a place of cultural sustainability and meaningful production.

WE LOVE Trieste and we consider Palazzo Carciotti to be a place that might connect its many cultures which intertwine past, present and future to create a project with a unique modality in Europe!